I love drawing, I love its meditational process of selecting and executing the decisions. I even love the sound of charcoal on paper and the smell of the drawing studio. And I am tired of answering to all the questions of; why draw representational images, why nude figures, why they looked so classical and old fashioned?

I simply love to draw, "it's a natural passage toward the other shore, it's my way forward, my manifest destiny, helped by some few who have gone before" - I forgot who said that, but many thanks to him.

Made in Taiwan 4 - Medium: Mixed Dimensions: 96H x 186" W - Available: 1 - Created: 2001/Toronto

Title, Drawing 01.
Medium, Charcoal, Charcoal Pencil. Dimensions, 27 by 19 inches.
Title: Drawing 01 Medium: Charcoal, Charcoal Pencil - Dimensions: 27x19in
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